At home metabolism assessment. When we talk about healthy metabolism, how do we know that it is healthy or messed-up? Doctors and scientists will do certain tests to look at metabolic markers that are discussed at the bottom of the page. But you do not have to visit a doctor to know if your metabolism is working right. There are simple ways to tell if things are good at home using minimal equipment.

Energy Balance For Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise. Energy balance like any balance is made of input, or intake, and output, or expenditures. Energy input is food that you eat. All macronutrients can be used to produce energy. Carbohydrate (glucose) is the default energy source, then fat, then protein. When energy input changes, human body will attempts to balance out by doing the following in this order:

Diet versus exercise : what is more effective for weight loss and health? Many people think that it is possible to effectively manage body weight with low calorie diet only and absolutely no exercise or little physical activity. They believe that by simply switching from coke to diet coke or from red meat to chicken breast or eating some kind of “omega-3” supplement they can lose weight and be healthy. This is one of the most common myths about weight loss. The market is full of products that help you “burn fat”.

Diet: reduce fat of reduce carbohydrate? If you are trying to lower calorie intake for better weight loss, you will probably ask a question at some point: is it better to cut fat or carbohydrate calories? This is what this articles is about and I start with probably somewhat surprising answer. Actually, two answers because they are different for diet in general and diet for weight loss and exercise:

A five step program to fix metabolism, lose fat, and build muscle. Messed-up, unhealthy metabolism is the cause. Improperly functioning metabolism, in turn, has its own underlying cause: unhealthy lifestyle. This whole website is about careful analysis and finding solutions to adjust human lifestyle in developed countries, with U.S. being the extreme. There is a solid scientific proof to suggest four major problems with lifestyle:

Healthy nutrition: go sugarless and increase protein. To understand the claim in the title of this article, we need to start with the basics. All nutrient you get with food can be divided in two categories: essential and non-essential. Essential means “indispensable” – they are the ones that your body does NOT make on its own. Non-essential nutrients are the ones that your body does make on its own. You body’s ability to go from one nutrient to another is as follows:

How diet and lifestyle affect health: evidence in maps. Sometimes picture is better than a thousand words. What if we just look at the US statistical maps for obesity and heart disease and see how they relate to lifestyle and nutrition? The full maps are shown at the bottom of the page, and if you examine them, you will see that: