Stand and walk whenever possible. Reduce sitting time. Back in 1953, it was found that folks engaged in physically active jobs are a whole lot healthier than sedentary workers. Bus drivers, for example, had more than twice the rate of heart disease than train conductors. Explanation? Drivers sit, conductors stand.

Make a standing desk for little or no money. You absolutely do not have to spend hundreds on a dedicated furniture. With just a little bit of creativity we can build a standing desk from materials you already have and things you can get cheap from a hardware store.

Effects of physical activity. The diagram below is a graphical summary of effects of three types of physical activity on the human body:

A five step program to fix metabolism, lose fat, and build muscle. Messed-up, unhealthy metabolism is the cause. Improperly functioning metabolism, in turn, has its own underlying cause: unhealthy lifestyle. This whole website is about careful analysis and finding solutions to adjust human lifestyle in developed countries, with U.S. being the extreme. There is a solid scientific proof to suggest four major problems with lifestyle: